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To access the Maturix™ Web Portal:

  1. Enter this web address in your browser: https://insitu.maturix.com
  2. Enter your email and password
  3. Click on [Login]

You should have received an invite to the web portal by email after purchasing Maturix™.

If you don't have access, please contact one of your organization's Maturix™ administrators. They can send you an invitation to the web portal.

Tip: We strongly recommend that you use the Google Chrome browser. The use of Internet Explorer and other older browsers are discouraged. If you encounter any issues using the web portal, please verify that you are using Google Chrome, before you contact your reseller for support.

Tip: Save the link to the web portal as a bookmark for quick access.

Notice: Your login is personal and you are not allowed to share it with anyone else.

Login page:



Reset Password

In case you have forgotten your password:

  1. On the login page, click on [Forgot password?]
  2. Enter your email and click on [Send link]
  3. A link is sent to your email, where you can reset your password
    • Check your Spam/Updates folder
  4. In the "Reset Password" email, click on [Reset my password]
  5. In the new tab opened, enter a new password twice
  6. Click on [Reset password]
  7. After your password has been reset, go to the web portal: https://insitu.maturix.com
  8. Log in using your email and the new password



Remember to log out of the web portal after use.

  1. Click on the button with your name in the top right corner
  2. Click on [Log out]

You will then automatically be redirected to the login page.


Home Page: Projects

The first page you see after logging in is the "Projects" page. This provides you with an overview of all the projects you have access to. Here you are able to:

In the top:

  • Search projects
  • Change the alphabetical order
  • Create a new project
  • Show archived projects

For each project:

  • Enter the project by clicking on the project name or project ID
  • See the number of casts, devices, and users
  • Edit project
  • Archive project

Note: You might have fewer options depending on your user role.

Projects page:



The main menu contains the following:

  • Project Overview - Project information and the latest data from the active monitorings
  • Casts - Overview of casts and monitorings and where you access the data and graphs
  • Reports - All your finished cast reports
  • Devices - Overview of the devices allocated to the project
  • Concrete Mixes - Concrete mixes added to the project
  • ------------------------------
  • Concrete Database - All the organization's concrete mixes (not visible for viewers)
  • Organization - Overview of all users in the organization (admins only)
  • Device Manager - Overview of all devices available for the organization (admins only)
  • Projects - All the projects you have access to

The menu options above the line are related to the chosen project.

Main menu:


User Settings

In the User Settings, you can change your name, country, and mobile number:

  1. Click on the button with your name in the top right corner
  2. Click on [User Settings]
  3. Make your changes
  4. Click on [Save]

Note: The name in the button in the top right corner will first update at your next login.

Tip: Remember to change the country to ensure the right country code in your mobile number.

You can also change your password from the User Settings:

  1. Click on the button with your name in the top right corner
  2. Click on [User Settings]
  3. Click on [Reset password]

See Reset Password above for the steps involved in changing your password.

User Settings: